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The Seer of Truth

“What was darkness turns radiant, and new light brings secrets to the seer of Truth. The light that we have been seeking outside of us we find is already within. It has been lighting our way all along, illuminating everyone and everything in view. Each experience exposes a particular truth and essence of love. Eventually we turn inward ~ toward the One ~ the Light of Guidance within our soul.”  

~ Holy Here Wholy You, Kim Lincoln p223

The Journey Toward the ONE

Awakening to the Jewels of Your Essence

Know Your Purpose


Lataif Training Year-Long Intensive


"Kim’s presence is a true gift to this planet....To say that Kim Lincoln is a radiant light being is an understatement; she embodies light and love!"  


The valuable tools offered with these teachings provide a roadmap to navigate how the pain in your body and judgemental mind are clever defenses to "avoid the void" of a false identity, which is formed by the conditioned beliefs you have mistaken yourself to be. These offerings will help you to consciously integrate your mind-body-soul relationship. Thus enlivening your connection with your essential self while developing a capacity for resiliency and ease in claiming and authoring your life. Join us for classes, videos and the book to learn how to trust your truth and 'know thyself.'

Terrain of Essence

Terrain of Essence is a holistic teaching offering us ways to access and experience our authentic nature so that we may engage in the world from our true wholeness of being. As a soul we have come here to experience different phases of manifestation on our journey through life. At a certain stage one becomes realized and in turning toward the One is set free. Where there was once an insatiable longing that could not be filled by anything external there is now the direct knowledge within the soul itself that true love and peace are the very substance of the infinite abundance of light which belongs to the Source of all beings and the Source is within oneself.   

As time goes on we find that our life becomes more easeful, our body experience more comfortable, and our confidence grows as we come to discover that the preciousness of the being we are cannot be bought or sold for its true value is beyond price. 


Private Sessions


Classes and Workshops

We are Love

The Journey Home 


The refined love that these magnetic essences reveal within us carry our awareness into the most secret buried places hidden within the mysterious unknown. Beckoning our unconscious to become conscious, offering what is ready to be known and embraced with fuller awareness. Through this embodied wisdom practice, the coarseness of our egoistic defenses melts away, bringing insight and positive change. Gifting room to integrate, more and more, the True Self you are designed to be.

It is an ultimate action of love to be all we can be, to be aligned with our innate truth, and to step out into the world from here. 

“The entire universe is in your body and you need not be afraid of it." - Upanishads

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