Terrain of Essence

 You are about to embark on a great adventure and the adventure is you. Here you will pioneer a terrain vaguely remembered, yet with practice, each time you return more of your true nature will be revealed. As you learn to navigate this essential terrain, you will develop powerful skills to further grow life enhancing change.

The Journey Home

Soul Communication Group starts Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

Online Satsong


NEW GROUP Lataif training March 10th, 2019

Classes offered at Dancing Cedars, Olympia


BeLoved Teachings, Beloved Sanctuary

October 2018-September 2019

Navigational Map and Skills to Access the Terrain of Essence



NEW CLASS Lataif Training for March 10th, 2019


The heart that holds us all, 



Terrain of Essence Teachings, Navigating You

Practices to Enrish Your Soul Series


Presencing is the act of both sensing and being present with what is arising in your awareness. Essence is the indwelling loving truth of our soul. Reveal the hidden mystery of your soul and receive the healing provision of your inquiry. Presencing Essence is a foundational embodiment practice supporting the Terrain fo Essence Teachings. Valuable skill building for the beginner as well as the advanced student. Learn direct ways of knowing yourself and enjoy walking the labyrinth, and toning in a  friendly and relaxed setting with Beloved.


Presencing Essence
Ethics, Emotions, Energetics
Soul Power: You Loving You and more


May 25/26 Presencing Essence


BeLoved Teachings, Beloved Sanctuary

October 2018-September 2019

An Individual and Collective Journey

Private Sessions


Classes and Workshops


Kim's Offerings

Just as seeds and grains benefit from the soaking process so that the rough husk can soften and fall away allowing us to more fully receive the enzymes and nutrients of these living foods, so we too, as human beings benefit from steeping in the fluid Graceof our essential nature allowing the shell of past conditioning, false beliefs, and misunderstandings to melt away so that we may directly access these nourishing essences of our pure nature; our Soul.

This training will provide the tools and skills necessary to ground, differentiate, discern and facilitate ways of re-Sourcing our own inner guidance.  Through inquiry and additional practices and exercises we will learn to recognize the subtle and not so subtle ways in which we fall in or out of balance with our pure nature and Source energy.  Our soul is comprised of various emanations and essences appearing as frequencies ~ colored lights ~ latifas, each corresponding to specific attributes, aspects and capacities inherent to our true nature.  These colors are not passive impressions, but are the intrinsic language of the soul to itself. 


It is here that we come unfolded and self realized in the presence of truth.  While this teaching has been primarily preserved through but not exclusive to the Sufi tradition, these energies are recognized in many of the mystical practices such as Buddhism, Cabbalism, The Gnostic teachings, etc., and is believed to be at the root of all mystical schools tracing back to the origin of all spiritual practices ~ the One Beloved. 

How to navigate the Terrain of Essence
"It is an ultimate action of love to be all we can be, to be aligned with our innate truth, and to step out into the world from here." Kim Lincoln 

“The entire universe is in your body and you need not be afraid of it." - Upanishads


I bring to you decades of weaving energetic science and ancient mysticism into a simple and direct way of accessing your true nature. I am dedicated to teaching you ways to directly connect with the healer within you, your inner guru along this path of freedom.; empowering your choices, deciphering discernment and embracing the magnificence of an unlimited you. 

Kim Lincoln
(360) 866-9234

Olympia, WA

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