Practices to Enrich Your Soul


         The term Presencing was recorded in the 15th century yet has been practiced for thousands of years. Presence is the intuitive mind of spirit. Awareness witnessing our thoughts and feelings. Sensing perceives physical and visceral sensations and emotions. Once here if skillful we can access a subtler body, that of our soul. More inner yet resides our authentic authority, the essential domain of the Lataif, each a specific quality of love. Soul is the substance of our conscience and spirit illuminates our soul, shining light anywhere we are not conscious. If we awaken to recognize the essential gift of love and are willing to receive it, self-growth occurs, evolving the wisdom of our soul. In this way we become happier, more confident and trusting of our self.

The following videos talk about and demonstrate this modality.

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An Individual and Collective Journey
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