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"Through presencing one eventually comes to an impass. This is as far as the ego structure knows. It is at this place, if we can stay present, that a terrain requiring subtler perception unfolds revealing a more refined and delicate landscape. This is the subtle body of the soul, and its language is essence."  ~ Soul Power; You Loving You



"The unconscious meets you on the outside until you meet it on the inside." ~ Carl Jung
"Dearest Kim, What a blessing it is to have you come as a guest teacher and be part of of our community. With your big, loving heart, you fit in perfectly. We have all been blessed with your Presence ~ Love, Sufi Council"

Songs of Heart for Children

"Original songs that celebrate the beauty of nature around us and nurtures the nature of our soul."
                  LISTEN TO THE MUSIC
For the Children and the Child Within Us All


                  Connect with Spirit and Sing to the Soul

Holding her infant son Kim invoked a prayer asking for songs to inspire his growth and guide his soul. Little did she know that within that year 47 songs would rain down in an angelic chorus. With the help of master musicians and the talent of a vocal artist this album is now available to share ~ Enjoy !


This album inspires creativity and amplifies the senses, where we are lifted and carried into a realm of freedom and well-being.

"Your album has a special appeal!"  ~ Al Rita, Alleghany Music Works

"Guaranteed to relax the fussiest child." ~ A. Bethman, Preschool Teacher

"My class loves dancing to your songs." ~ F. Fruchtman, Kindergarten Teacher

"Whenever I listen to this music it lifts my spirit and puts me in a good mood" ~ R. Nadel, Chiropractor

"My daughter wants to play it over and over. It's great because I love listening to it too! The messages are timeless refreshing and pure." ~ S. Walden, Mother

This Precious Treasure Helps Us Remember  Innocence ~ Wonder ~ Gratitude ~ Love


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