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My greatest joy is guiding you to know your true self. As a healing arts professional I will assist you with learning how to recognize and trust the benevolent support that rests below experiences of trauma, hurt, pain, uncertainty, and loss. Navigating the terrain of your soul’s essence, you will discover your true self, awakening in the jeweled brilliance and nectar's of your essential nature, the intrinsic wisdom of your soul.


The more you learn to trust your loving truth the freer you will be. Where most work ends this body of teaching begins. For the domain of our soul reveals the subtle anatomy of our angelic nature, the indwelling light of being that possesses our soul. 

I am an author, spiritual teacher, and founder of the Terrain of Essence Teachings, bridging mysticism, science, trauma, and embodied wisdom. 

My courses and community gatherings offer tools that enable the courage to express the passion of your soul to live your life authentically. The gift should you be willing to receive it ~ is as you grow, others grow, together creating a better world for all.

My students continuously tell me how seen and heard they feel in the safety of my presence. If a supportive community to grow yourself is calling to you, then look around my website at the variety of offerings and Contact me. Welcome ~ I look forward to meeting you.

                                          My Love, Kim